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Jet Pilot training and a flight in the L-39 Albatros

The L-39 jet that we offer  is the first L-39 Albatros with a new immatriculation under EASA law.


The Military Fighter Jet Ride Adventure in the heart of Europe. You’ll fly in West Germany close to the borders of Luxembourg. That’s an area with many American Air Bases or former Air Bases (Ramstein-Landstuhl Air Base, Spangdahlem AB, Bitburg AB, Zweibrücken AB, Hahn AB, Sembach AB). You’ll start from a very authentic place, with the jet being stored in one of the Air Base shelters. And the jet is in the Original painting of the active time, no fantasy paint.

Safety Training

To start, you’ll make a short walkabout around the place including the L-39 jet along with your instructor. In the crew room you’ll be given a pilot suit. This suit perfectly fits to L-39 jet pilots and will be yours for the duration of the training. Please bring along your own (leather- or hiking-) boots.

Cockpit Training

Next is a first acquaintance of the aircraft. Shortly after, the training lesson begins including the following aspects:

  • Introduction of instructors and L-39 pilots
  • Explanation of the personal equipment (pilots suit / helmet / mask)
  • Basics of the available jet types (L39) as well as their history
  • Basics of a mission briefing (planning / weather / flight safety / maneuvres)
  • Introduction about the maneuvres of the mission and their meaning in aerial combat
  • Explanation geotypical aspects within the training environment (low-level flying / rules / structure of air space / rules of flight operations)
  • Basic aspects of movements on the airfield
  • Safety guidelines for movements around the L-39 jet aircraft

Safety Equipment

You’ll be given your personal emergency equipment, the helmet and the oxygen mask.

Ready for Take-Off

Outside the hangar you’ll already see “your” jet, on which you’ll be able to put into action what you’ve just learned during the instruction. After last checks on the L-39 Albatros aircraft, you’ll be cleared to enter the cockpit. Now the seatbelts are going to be fastened. As soon as the clearance to start engines comes in, the engines start to rotate and you’ll roll to the starting position on your designated runway.


Now the time has come: Brakes on, Cleared for take-off, 105% thrust, temperature checked, oil pressure checked, brakes off – and off you go! The thrust accelerates you and your L-39 jet within shortest time to the rotation speed of about 120 knots. Take-off, taking the gear in and after a 90° turn, you’ll fly with max speed into the training air space nearby.

There, you’re in charge of the program: simple figures such as rolls or steep turns, or advanced aerobatics like loops, stall turn, barrel roll – only your well-being defines the limits! Afterwards you’ll head back to the airfield and after, if possible, a thrilling low-pass, the landing will proceed. After you reach the parking position, the engines will be shut down and the jet will be checked one last time.


In the final de-briefing, you’ll discuss the flown manoeuvres together with the pilot. Here you’ll also get the certificate which affirms your personal, successful participation on the jet pilot training.

Welcome to the small circle of those who already did so!

Where do the Jet Rides in Germany happen?

The flights take place not far from Bitburg, Germany.

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Additional Information

Flight Program

The flight programs includes the following maneuvres:

  • Rolls
  • Invertet flying
  • Stall
  • Steep turns (4-5Gs)
  • Zero gravity parabola
  • Spins
  • Loops
  • Tail-Chase
  • Low level flight over runway
  • Control the jet

Qualification criteria for a flight:

  • Body length max. 6’8”
  • Weight max. 230 lbs
  • For minors, parental consent
  • Approved flight application
Flight Application Process

To apply for a flight, choose a flight program below and click “apply now!”. In a next step, please fill in information about yourself and flying experience (if any) so the crew can review and decide on your flight application.

Ready? Apply for a Jet Flight in Germany, Bitburg!

From the flight programs below, just choose the one you like most and apply. We’ll get back to you soon to confirm the flight.

Flight Duration 20 minutes 35 minutes
Price 3,650$ 5,050$
Safety Training
In Cockpit Training
Flight Systems Explanation
Flight Gear
All Taxes & Fees Included
Video Available 299$ 299$
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