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Jet Rides in Plzen, near Prague (Czech Republic)

Fly with the L-39 together with Test Engineers of Aero Vodochody – the producer of the plane. This jet ride takes place right where the L-39 jet was produced.

Your Jet Ride Day


By rental car, you arrive to the meeting point near Pilsen. Staff on site will pick you up – with your rental car you can simply follow their car and pass entrance control of the airbase.

Locker Room

The former soviet airbase that’s now property of the Czech Armed Forces is equipped with many hangars – one of which hosts the L-39 and the facilities you’re about to visit. In the briefing room, you can get one of our flight suits and dress up.

Safety Training

On a real ejection seat, you’ll receive instructions on how to eject. So far, none of the jet plane rides had any incidents.

In-Cockpit Training

After the briefing, you’ll be escorted to the plane that’s being fueled and prepared by technicians. While you sit in the cockpit, your instructor will tell you all you need to know for the upcoming jet plane ride.

Ready for Take-Off

The pilot enters his cockpit. The INTRACOM communications system will be tested to make sure you and the pilot can communicate during the flight. After last engine run up tests, the pilot will will accelerate to 100% engine power and the flight of your lifetime begins.


Your jet fighter ride will take place in a specially reserved air space. This allows ultimate freedom in terms of maneuvers to fly. Loops, immelman, split-S, steep dives, barrel rolls – there’s nothing you can’t do. The G-forces will push you into the seat while your pilot makes sure the ride remains secure.


After the jet flight, when your pilot safely landed the plane and taxied to the hangar, ground personnel will open your canopy and secure the ejection seat. After being unstrapped, you’ll leave the jet and you’ll be given a certificate for your flight. Now’s also the time for shaking hands with the pilot and pose for some memory pictures with your pilot, in front of the aircraft.

Where are the Jet Rides in Czech Republic taking place?

The flights take place near Plzen, about one hour by car from Prague.

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Additional Information

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Flight Program

The flight programs includes the following maneuvres:

  • Rolls
  • Split-S
  • Immelman
  • Barrel Roll
  • Low-Level Flying over Water (45 min flight)
  • Steep turns and dives
  • Loops
Your Pilot

Your Pilot:

All flights arranged by us in Plzen are carried out by Aero Vodochody Test Pilots. Details on your pilot will be sent to you once your flight application has been confirmed.


Qualification criteria for a flight:

  • Body length max. 6’8”
  • Weight max. 230 lbs
  • For minors, parental consent
  • Approved flight application
Flight Application Process

To apply for a flight, choose a flight program below and click “reserve now!”. In a next step, please fill in information about yourself so we can schedule your flight.


Ready? Apply for a Jet Flight near Prague!

From the flight programs below, just choose the one you like most and apply. We’ll get back to you soon to confirm the flight.

Flight Duration 20 minutes 30 minutes 40 minutes
Price 2,799$ 3,999$ 5,150$
Safety Training
In Cockpit Training
Flight Systems Explanation
Flight Gear
All Taxes & Fees Included
Video Available 299$ 299$ 299$
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