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Experience true military adventure in Russia: MiG-29 Fulcrum Jet Ride!

Supersonic flights in MiG-29, in Russia, Nizhny Novgorod. Fly MiG-29 Fulcrum jet with high G loads and breathtaking manoeuvres.

About MiG-29

The MiG-29 flight in Russia is a truly unique opportunity – it is the only 4th generation fighter jet available for Civilian flights, it is the only supersonic flight for Civilians and the only possibility to rise above 20km. On top of that, the MiG-29 is a true legend and a very beautiful aircraft. Like all other aircrafts available on – you’ll also be able to control the MiG-29 yourself. 

The MiG-29 is a remarkable Fighter Aircraft. MiG-29 can accelerate even when climbing vertically! As you can imagine the acceleration when flying horizontally is just incredible. Within seconds the MiG-29 reaches double the speed of sound. When you are inexperienced you’ll probably have problems with breathing. It will press you in your seat with an incredible force with huge pressure on your lungs. But don’t worry, we fly with very nice pilots. Their aim is to make you happy and not to show you that they are able to make you feel sick. However, if you are looking for a really wild MiG ride, you’ll get it. One of our MiG customers recently pulled 9.1G, the record for tourist jet fighter flights so far.


The airbase is located in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. You can fly there directly, as there is an International Airport. Or you can travel via Moscow, by plane or by train. Train ride takes from 4 hours to overnight journey, but if you are an adventurer this would look nicely on your TO DO travel list!

Upon arrival you will need a night to rest to gather power for this high Gs loaded flight. In the morning, our crew will pick you up and your thrilling adventure will start!

Safety and Cockpit Training, Medical Check

There will be time taken to prepare you properly. You will be checked regarding your medical statement on that morning. The pilot will brief you about the flight, the plane and the flight program. You can express all your wishes! Depending on the program, you can do more aerobatics and manoeuvres.

Safety Equipment

You’ll be given your personal emergency equipment, the helmet and the oxygen mask. Moreover, you will get the overall and boots to wear for the flight time.

Ready for Take-Off

Now its time to go to the field! This will be one of the most exciting moments before the flight. You see the plane, you enter it, make final preparations, the technicians check everything for one more time and you are ready to go.


Depending on chosen program you will fly 25 or 45 minutes. This is enough time to do most of the aerobatic figures, to control the plane on your own, to communicate with the pilot and even to enjoy an amazing sightseeing. But most of all, breaking the sound speed and experiencing loads of Gs will leave an astonishing impression that you will never forget.


In the final de-briefing, you’ll discuss the flown manoeuvres together with the pilot. Here you’ll also get the certificate which affirms your personal, successful participation on the jet pilot training.

Where do the Jet Rides in Russia happen?

The flights take place not far from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

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Additional Information

Flight Program

The flight programs includes the following manoeuvres:

  • Loopings
  • Turns
  • Immelman
  • Split-S
  • Rolls
  • Spins
  • High Speed Low Level Flight
  • Breaking the Sound Barrier and Supersonic Flight
  • Edge of Space Flight to 23km
  • Take control of this modern 4th Fighter Jet


Qualification criteria for a flight:

Body length max. 6’8”
Weight max. 230 lbs
Approved flight application

Flight Application Process

To apply for a flight, choose a flight program below and click “apply now!”. In a next step, please fill in information about yourself and flying experience (if any) so the crew can review and decide on your flight application.

Included in the price are also:

  • Free transfer from your hotel in Nizhniy Novgorod to the airfield and back
  • Accompany service by our translator
  • Access permission to the military airfield
  • A medical check-up before the flight to make sure your daily condition won’t put you at risk during your adventure
  • Introduction meeting with your pilot, flight briefing
  • A flight certificate including the specs of your MiG-29 flight
  • All fees, taxes etc.


Ready? Apply for a Jet Flight near Prague!

From the flight programs below, just choose the one you like most and apply. We’ll get back to you soon to confirm the flight.

Flight Duration 25 minutes 45 minutes Edge of Space flight
Price 16,100$ 18,900$ 23,100$
Safety Training
In Cockpit Training
Flight Systems Explanation
Flight Gear
All Taxes & Fees Included
Video Available 800$ 800$ 800$
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