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Fighter Jet Experience in California

A top gun experience of its own – an L-39 jet flight in California, close to Los Angeles.

Your Top Gun Experience


When your experience flight is approved and paid, your pilot will expect you on the airfield on the time agreed.

Dressing Up

For the top gun experience to be complete, you’ll have to wear a NOMEX flight suit – just like Maverick! The locker room has flight suits and helmets in all sizes ready, so you’ll easily find one that fits. Your pilot will want to make sure that the fighter jet experience is both thrilling and safe, so an important training lesson will follow.

Safety Compliance

Before the flight, you’ll learn what it takes to turn a top gun experience into a flight that’s as safe as possible. These are military jets are no go-karts, so there are a number of rules to follow in order for the fighter jet experience to remain safe.

Cockpit Knowledge

After the safety instruction, the plane is ready on the ramp. You’ll be escorted to the aircraft where you can take a seat in the rear cockpit. Thanks to the L-39’s excellent design, you will still enjoy great sight during your fighter jet experience – the rear cockpit is higher than the front one, so you’ll basically see over your pilot. Before the flight, your pilot will explain you the systems of the aircraft to make sure you know what’s going on during your experience.

Test & Take-Off

Once all is clear, your canopy will be closed and the pilot enters his cockpit. From there, he will perform last tests together with the ground crew – your top gun experience is about to start!

Experience Flight

Your top gun experience is actually a training flight of military standards. Your pilot will perform different maneuvres – victory rolls, loops, steep turns and more – and expose the aircraft to high G-Forces. Thanks to the crew communication system, you will be able to continuously report how you feel so the pilot can adjust the flight program directly. If you feel good and wish to do so, you might be given control of the aircraft to perform maneuvers yourself.

After the Flight

After your flight there will be time for talk with the pilot and to recap the flight. Your friends will be allowed to take memory pictures of yourself, the pilot and the plane.

Where does this Top Gun Experience take place?

The flights take place about 40 miles west of Los Angeles.

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Additional Information

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Flight Program

The flight programs includes the following maneuvres:

  • Rolls
  • Split-S
  • Immelman
  • Barrel Roll
  • Low-Level Flying over Water (45 min flight)
  • Steep turns and dives
  • Loops
Your Pilot

Your Pilot:

Each jet fighter flight arranged by us in California is carried out by an ex soviet MiG-29 Instructor. Details on your pilot will be sent to you once your flight application has been approved.


Qualification criteria for a flight:

  • Body length max. 6’8”
  • Weight max. 230 lbs
  • For minors, parental consent
  • Approved flight application
Flight Application Process

To apply for a flight, choose a flight program below and click “apply now!”. In a next step, please fill in information about yourself and flying experience (if any) so the crew can review and decide on your flight application.

Apply for this Top Gun Experience in California!

From the flight programs below, just choose the one you like most and apply. We’ll get back to you soon to confirm the flight.

Flight Duration 45 minutes 60 minutes
Price 6,400$ 7,750$
Safety Training
In Cockpit Training
Flight Systems Explanation
Flight Gear
All Taxes & Fees Included
Video Available 250$ 250$
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